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Special Education Teacher

Special Education Teacher
Riverview / Blackhawk Elementary Schools
Special Education Teacher: will work with students who have a varying assortment of special needs to promote the highest level of academic and social success. This position will require a flexible attitude, an attention to detail, strong communication skills, and good record keeping abilities.

- Keep up to date records on students and their progress towards their goals.

- Be able to build strong working relationships with classroom teachers in a variety of different subject areas.

- Make adaptations and accommodations to daily work, classroom assessments, and district level assessments.

- Be able to create a schedule to accommodate the needs and time requirements of the caseload.

- Serve as a resource for the classroom teacher when it comes to dealing with students that have disabilities.

- Gather student data on a regular basis to assist with evaluations and quarterly updates.

- Be able to write IEPs and effectively communicate that information to families.
According to Certified Salary Schedule
- Certified to teach students with special needs. LSB1

- Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with students how have special needs.

- The ability to make data driven decision for students.

- Proven leadership skills in the educational setting.

- Knowledge of special education regulations and IEPs.

- Strong oral and written communication skills.
According to Certified Salary Schedule
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