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Salary Compensation Reports

Public Act 96-0434 (SB 2270) and Public Act 96-0266 (HB 2235) both amend the School Code by adding Sections 10-20.46 and 34-18.37.1 Although the two laws derive from separate bills, both impose on school districts certain reporting requirements regarding salaries and compensation.
Public Act 96-0434, which took effect on August 13, 2009, requires every school district in Illinois, including special charter districts, to create a current itemized salary compensation report for every employee holding an administrative certificate and working in that capacity, including the district superintendent (the "Administrators’ Salary Compensation Report"). The law requires each school district to post its Administrators’ Salary Compensation Report on its website, if it has a website. The law further requires that the Administrators’ Salary Compensation Report be presented at a board of education meeting and submitted to the Regional Superintendent. Additionally, the new law requires school districts to post all collective bargaining agreements on their websites.