Staff - Certified

Elementary Special Education Teacher (Self-Contained)
  • Under the direction of the Building Principal and Director of Special Education, the Special Education Teacher develops and provides specialized instruction to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities; Evaluates and assesses student progress against instructional objectives; follows State mandated due process procedures and functions as IEP case manager to assigned students.
  • Essential functions of the job may include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Provides research-based specialized instruction to address the instructional goals and objectives contained within each student’s IEP. 
  • Assesses student progress and determines the need for additional reinforcement or adjustments to instructional techniques. 
  • Employs various teaching techniques, methods and principles of learning to enable students to meet their IEP goals. 
  • Develops and implements annual Individualized Educational Program (IEP) plans for students to include: present levels of educational performance, special education needs, instructional goals and objectives, and the special education and related services required to meet those goals. 
  • Schedules team meetings and works cooperatively with child study team members and others in developing instructional goals and strategies. 
  • Coordinates the delivery of special education services in each student's IEP. 
  • Creates a positive learning experience with emphasis in individualized instruction using appropriate sources including i-pads. 
  • Serves as primary contact for the parent. 
  • Conducts special education evaluations and reevaluations.  Provides direction, supervision and evaluation of educational assistants as directed. 
  • Complies with School Board policies and all state/federal rules and regulations.
  • Completes all district and state reporting requirements.
  • Understand characteristics of individuals with disabilities across the age range, including levels of severity, multiple disabilities and their influence on development, behavior, and learning.
  • Plans effective instructional strategies for adapting or modifying the general curriculum to meet the needs of individual students.
  • Utilizes specialized materials, equipment, and/or assistive technology to meet a student's individual students.
Other functions of the job include but are not limited to the following: 
  • Establishes and maintains student control and discipline in the classroom, school premises or during school activities. 
  • Employs and implements a classroom structure and consistency to encourage student responsibility, cooperation and mutual respect consistent with district policies and procedures. 
  • Collaborates and consults with educational professionals and community service providers (i.e., social services, public health, medical providers etc.) regarding the needs of students. 
  • Provides consultation to classroom teachers regarding classroom adaptations, instructional modifications, adaptive equipment, behavior modification plans and other similar instructional interventions to meet the needs of students with disabilities. 
  • Implements classroom and individual behavioral management plans and actively participates in functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans for students.
  • Performs other comparable duties of a like or similar nature apparent or as assigned.
  • Knowledge Skills and Ability Required:  Minimum B.A/B.S degree in teaching from an accredited institution in the appropriate special education area. 
  • Current Illinois teaching license in required content area. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of special education and specialty areas. 
  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and methodology of effective teaching of students with disabilities. 
  • Thorough knowledge of school rules, regulations and procedures; ability to establish and maintain standards of behavior. 
  • Ability to deliver and articulate oral presentations and written reports.  Ability to effectively analyze needs and problems objectively. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with children, students, parents, staff, administration and the general public. 
  • Perform all other related work delegated or required to accomplish the objectives of the total school program. 
  • Knowledge of relevant technology including the use of technology such as i-pads to individualize instruction. 
  • Meet professional teacher education requirements of school district and state. 
  • Knowledge and skills in working with children with disabilities and behavior and emotional disabilities. 
  • Must have the ability and proven ability to report to work on a regular and punctual basis. 
Physical Requirements Regularly required to sit, stand, walk, talk, hear, operate a computer and other office equipment, reach with hands and arms, and must occasionally lift, move and/or support up to 50 pounds (and/or up to adult size body weight with two-to-three person lift). Position can require some degree of physical interaction with students who have difficulty controlling physical behavior.

Please send cover letter, resume, and qualifications to:
Scott Fisher, Superintendent
South Beloit CUSD #320
850 Hayes Avenue
South Beloit, IL 61080
or email to Carly Neblock at [email protected]
High School Spanish Teacher - South Beloit High School
  • Develop and implement plans for the curriculum program assigned and show written evidence of preparation as required.
  • Prepare lessons that reflect accommodation for individual student differences. 
  • Plan and use appropriate instructional/learning strategies, activities, materials, and equipment that reflects accommodation for individual needs of students assigned. 
  • Work cooperatively with special education teachers to modify curricula as needed for special education students according to Individual Education Plans (IEP). 
  • Use technologies in the teaching/learning process. 
  • Consistently assess student achievement through formal and informal testing. 
  • Present a positive role model for students that supports the mission of the school district. 
  • Create a classroom environment conducive to learning. 
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom and administer discipline according to board policies, regulations, and IEP. 
  • Establish and maintain open lines of communication with students and their parents. 
  • Maintain a professional relationship with all colleagues, students, parents, and community members. 
  • Participate in the district staff development program. 
  • Demonstrate behavior that is professional, ethical, and responsible.  
  • Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on committees as required. 
  • Any other assignment deemed appropriate by the building principal.

  • Certified to teach Spanish courses in grades 9-12 in the state of Illinois
  • Courses may include Spanish I, II, III and IV 
  • Proven ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, including the ability to create and nurture a professional community of adult learners.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills, including giving and receiving constructive feedback.  
  • Proven ability in using student-level data to guide instructional decisions.
  • Demonstrated Teacher Leadership.  
  • Strong pedagogical knowledge and content expertise.  
  • Demonstrated expertise in oral and written communication.  
  • Strong interpersonal skills.  
  • Models continual improvement, demonstrates lifelong learning, and applies new learning to help all students achieve.  
  • Demonstrates evidence of professional growth, including leadership and participation in a wide range of significant professional development activities

Please send cover letter, resume, and qualifications to:
Scott Fisher, Superintendent
South Beloit CUSD #320
850 Hayes Avenue
South Beloit, IL 61080
or email to Carly Neblock at [email protected]