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  1. With a Chrome window open press ctrl+h

  2. When the window opens click Clear browsing data on the left hand side

  3. When the next window opens click Advanced and change the Time range to All time.



  1. Make sure all boxes are checked. Then go back and uncheck Passwords and other sign-in data as well as Autofill form data.

  2. Next click Clear data. It may take a few moments, but then the window will close.

  3. Lastly, log out and then back into the Chromebook. Or if you're on your desktop close Chrome and re-open.

Some issues that have been reported and can be solved by resetting Google chrome to default settings


  • A webpage not displaying right
  • Gmail is being blocked for a student.



Flipped screen?

Hold down ctrl+shift then press refresh (right above 3 and 4, circle with an arrow). This will rotate it 90 degrees. Repeat until it’s back to normal.


Large or small screen?

Hold down ctrl+shift then press minus or plus to change screen resolution. The default screen size is 1 larger than the smallest. The best procedure is to press ctrl+shift+minus until it gets to the smallest size. Then press ctrl+shift+plus once to get it back to normal.


What appears on the screen is not what is typed.

Most likely cause is that the keyboard has been changed. Look in the lower right hand corner, you should see US indicating the US Keyboard. If it says INTL or DV then the keyboard has been changed and will cause problems. To change it back click in the lower right corner, then click Keyboard. Click US to change back to US keyboard.


Screen colors are inverted, Chromebook speaking to the students, odd mouse cursor?

Accessibility options have been turned on. Onces again click in the lower right hand corner. Next click Accessibility or this icon 3w2O-Q4F-RoR5CEDwPudYNSaOw_zOGwkIHlNsNIR0jACKQLgYpnFcAbsh3U-TLO5xhWPup_lVxNWejEG0ZRj9tPG6lih1WJU_Hjp5ShmnlCQt2rwkgq2thB3rWLN-ZvHo6Hwfe50 On the list you will see a green check next to what options have been enabled. Click the green check to disable the option.


Chromebook will not power on, but it’s been charging overnight.

This can be a couple things. The first thing to check is if the orange light comes on when the charger is plugged in. This light is right underneath the charge port on the Chromebook. If this light does not come on then there may be a charging issue with your cart, or with the power brick. You may put a help request in for this.


The other thing to try is a hard shutdown. Look on the left side of the Chromebook, you’ll see a white light. Press and hold the power button until this light goes out (could take up to 20 seconds), then release. Now try turning it on again.


Additional Chrome, drive shortcuts

These are more for your use. It’s a list of shortcuts in Google apps along with other tips and tricks.